Scrub Suits

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Scrub suits, often just called “scrubs”, are often overlooked in mens clothing lines and while Scrubs are not on the rack in most department stores, they are in high demand and ever popular.  The men’s scrub suit is an extremely important garment for the medical industry, science and biotech industry, and schools. You’ve certainly seen staff wearing the scrub suit before, at your doctor’s office, hospital, veterinarian office, or dental office.

Scrubs are generally a single color and will be made from a light cotton material. Not only are these lightweight, they are also stain resistant, easy to clean, and generally considered easy to sterilize. This makes them perfect for the hospitals, healthcare, dentist offices, veterinarians, and biotech lab use. Scrubs are intended to be disposable so that if they are in fact stained or become torn, they can be discarded without a problem. Buying them in bulk will produce a much lower price point, and this is exactly what many hospitals do.

Scrubs are intended to be disposable after limited use, but it is important they are high quality to meet the standards of the healthcare and biotech industry and have a professional appearance. It is important to buy scrubs from a supplier capable of delivering consistent quality at a competitive price. China Sourcing International has an excellent track record of producing high quality scrubs made to order. Don’t trust your hospital, clinic, or testing facility to anyone else! Go with what you know and can trust.

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