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T-shirts are the cornerstone of most mens wardrobes. T’s are worn casual attire, workout shirts, and often designer T shirts are worn for an evening out.  Men wear t-shirts all the time, and they work year round regardless of the weather. Consequently most retail stores sell t-shirts in bundles and assorted colors . A great T shirt inventory is a vital part of your mens clothing line. Our China clothing factory produces a wide range of T shirt styles in every size and any color.  Our China apparel design team will work with you to develop custom T shirt designs for your clothing line to make your inventory standout and ensure clothing line is up to date with todays fashion trends.

As we’ve said many times before however, having the product isn’t enough. You will need to make sure that you both have the product, and that you have a high quality product. Quality is very important in retail, and if the items you sell are not of quality then your customers are simply going to move on to the next retailer.

There are a several types of t-shirt, though men’s t-shirts are not quite as expansive as women’s. Instead you will find that you most mens Ts are standard neckline shirts or v-necks. Having many different types available in your clothing line is essential, but having quantity is important as well. Customers will be visiting at all times of the day looking for t-shirts. Regardless of the level of quality, t-shirts wear out from frequent use and washing, and this is a fact of life, and consequently T shirts are frequently bought.

Call us for more information on our mens T shirt and clothing line as well as our custom clothing manufacturing capabilities.  Now would be a great time for you to look into the different t-shirts that you can purchase for your store and ensure that you’re fully stocked for the coming season.


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