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Let’s face it, no one can live without jeans, they have become a fashion and dress standard and are worn for all occasions. Jeans are the very fabric (so to speak) of fashion, and they are worn every day by millions of people for casual occasions, to work, and even out for an evening.  Our China clothing factory produces a wide range of jeans from casual jeans and work pants to fashion jeans and we can create custom or made to order jeans for your clothing line.

The beginning of jeans was actually quite humble as they were developed as work pants, eventually being adopted by the United States Navy as an official part of their work uniform in the first part of the 20th century. In Australia they were known as dungarees, and in the 1950′s they were often associated with teenage rebellion and therefore banned in school, theaters, and many stores.

As time went by however, it became clear that jeans were not only practical, they were necessary. It wasn’t until the 1970′s that jeans were fully adopted into society, though at this point most people are ignorant of their history. In any case, no clothing lineup would be complete without blue jeans whether you’re wanting to sell designer jeans or plain men’s jeans. Either way, you’re in for quite the ride and soon enough you will find that customers come rushing to your door to make a purchase, especially if you have a good selection of quality and low priced jeans.

Something to note about jeans however is that there are plenty of blue jeans out there that feel more like paper than fabric, and these are what you want to avoid in your clothing line. They come cheap, and it might be true that some retail stores have a healthy supply of them as low cost jeans, however, these jeans are low quality, do not last, and do not have that quality feel that most customers demand.  China Sourcing International does a great job of ensuring you receive only the best products at competitive prices. Now is the time to shop, and now is the time to give your customers what they want.

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