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Keep Your Princess Trendy This Fall

  Many would agree that Fall time is the greatest time of the year! Between boots, leggings, scarves and sweaters, there are countless ways to dress up or dress down any outfit. When wanting to keep your little girl trendy … Continue reading

Show Your Trendy Side for Fall

  Being a step ahead in life is our ‘way of life’ to us fashion enthusiasts. While most are out still shopping for clothing within their season, we are prepping for the seasons to come. Being prepared for this Fall … Continue reading

Sports Bra and Boy Shorts

Women’s clothing is a serious affair, especially when it comes to the sports bra and boy shorts. The first and most obvious thing that you need to know about the sports bra is that it is nothing like the standard bra that women wear. There are many who would characterize the sports bra as more of a cut off tank top than anything else, which make sit perfect for sporting events. For one thing, it is not made from a material that will chaff the skin over time, and it can easily absorb sweat, unlike a regular bra which would simply pool it up and cause a rash.

Boy shorts are similar to panties, but closer to boxer shorts. They are usually seamless, and as such they are perfect for exercising. Boy shorts can be worn as undergarments, or they can be worn openly depending on the location. The biggest difference between these and regular panties it he fact that they provide more coverage, and they will not tear under pressure. Boy shorts are almost universally preferred among women who exercise.

Knowing the difference between boy shorts, sports bras, and other types of women’s clothing is very important, but understanding what your customers want and need is equally important. There will be a demand for sports bras and boy shorts no matter where you happen to be, and it is important to have a high quality stock on hand. China Sourcing International does an excellent job of providing great womens apparel and our China womens clothing factory has many years of experience producing sports bras as well as womens athletic apparel.