Womens Underwear

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There are several varieties and styles of womens underwear and a womens apparel line must have offer a wide selection of womens underwear in order to be complete and competitive. Our China womens clothing factory produces a wide selection of womens underwear including panties, bras, sports bras, and seamless wear.

Womens underwear is more complicated than mens in several ways. There are so many things to take into consideration when you are stocking your shelves for your womens apparel line, and this is especially true when you are dealing with womens underwear.

Let’s talk a bit about the different underwear types available for your womens clothing line. The bra this is an integral part of any woman’s wardrobe, there are several different types of bras we offer. For instance the have standard bra, underwire bra, nursing bra, and water bra. Bras are obviously a very important piece in your womens apparel line and it is certainly something you will want to have in stock. The sports bra is another great example of women’s underwear, and it is something that has been in use for many years. The biggest difference between the sports bra and the standard underwire bra is the stability and comfort. Seamless wear has been found to be great for those who exercise as it will not easily tear, and there are plenty of other female garments to be concerned with when you are trying to sell to the public. Now would be a great time to stat looking into the different sections here and see what your customers might like to see on your shelves.

Remember, women’s underwear whether it be panty hose, bras, or seamless is in season all year, and you will more than likely sell some every day. Our China womens apparel factory manufacturers a complete line of womens underwear and custom womens underwear is available for your womens apparel line.

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