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T shirts are every popular and best sellers, and womens T shirts are no exception. Our China womens clothing factory has a large selection of womens T shirts and womens tops and our in house design team can help you create a custom line of womens tops for your womens apparel line.

Just like any other piece of women’s clothing, t-shirts are absolutely necessary because they offer a great looking casual alternative to other tops. Womens T shirts also serve to provide an alternative that is both comfortable and stylish.

Unlike mens T shirts, womens t shirts have many different styles they can choose from, for instance women have more form fitting shirts, and their sleeves are typically shorter.   Another characteristic of women’s t-shirts is the fact that the sleeves tend to hug the arms more than on a standard t-shirt. In addition they might be fluffed so as to create a cuter aesthetic. In addition to that, another major difference between men’s and women’s t-shirts is that the necklines are significantly different. The collar on the neck will usually be much thinner so as to show off more of the neck, and there can be a number of different neckline styles.

For instance a womens t-shirt could consist of a scoop-neck, V neck, or a even a collar. Scoop neck womens t shirts can actually dip to many different extremes. Some will cut off mid-chest, and there are many that will stop just above the bust line. V-necks womens t shirts are also popular in womens clothing right now and have been a long time favorite. Like the scoop neck womens t shirts, they can have many different extremes.

Having a great assorment of womens T shirts and womens tops is an essential element of any womens apparel line. Our China womens apparel factory has years of experience producing womens T shirts and womens tops. Contact us for more information about our custom womens T shirts and how our in house design team can help you create your own line of womens T shirts and womens tops.


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