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The great thing about womens swimwear is that are so many different styles and choices available; and finding something to bathing suit that is both cute and functional shouldn’t be a problem at all! Let’s talk a bit about the different types of womens swimwear available and in demand in today’s expansive clothing market. Our China clothing factory produces has a wide range of womens swimwear and bathing suits and our in house design team can help you create your own custom womens swimwear apparel line.

Our womens swimwear apparel line includes a variety of one-piece swimsuits and two piece swimsuits, such as bikini bathing suits.

The one piece bathing suit provide for more coverage and it also allows for cute and fashionable designs. There are actually several different types of one piece bathing suits from those that host a single color, to the ones that can show off intricate designs, and perhaps even feature a few translucent areas in the otherwise solid material. Though it is not the current style trend, skirted swimwear is still an option, and for those who value their modesty, a skirted outfit might very well be the best option.

Two piece bathing suits are an options as well, such as a bikini, and while they do not provide the same coverage, they do allow more freedom of movement and better tanning. On a beach, freedom of movement can be a very valuable thing, and with that being the case, many choose the two piece bathing suit for far more than just aesthetics.

Our China clothing factory and in house design team can help you create an amazing womens swimsuit and bathing suit line for your womens apparel line.


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