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The camisole is almost a replacement for the traditional t-shirt, and camisoles have become one of the most favored pieces of female clothing. Camisloes have been around for quite some time of course, but now it have moved away from the role of an undergarment, and has become a standard womens top and womens sleepwear. There are many ways camisoles can be worn, and likewise, there are many different versions of the camisole available today.

The typical silk camisole is worn under clothing and in some cases is used as a way to keep warm. In addition to that it can provide a sense of comfort for those who are a bit more modest. One of the newer camisole types is the cotton camisole which is still an undershirt, but there are many who prefer to wear it in public as is. If you are not one of these people then you can always wear a jacket over your camisole, covering the straps but leaving the neckline exposed which serves to create a nice aesthetic. Camisoles are not to be confused with tank tops as this would not be an unusual misconception. The shoulder straps of a camisoles are comparable to that of a bra, though they are typically much thinner and a bit looser. In some cases the camisole can have a bra build directly into the top. If a standard bra were worn with the camisole then one would find themselves with four sets of exposed straps rather than two.

Camisoles have so many different uses, and having a decent selection on your shelf is a must no matter what time of year it is. Start browsing the selection today and see just what you can add to your customer’s wardrobe. Our China womens apparel factory has a wide range of camisole tops available and our in house design team can help you create your own line of camisoles for your womens apparel line.

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