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Womens sleepwear and womens pajamas is an important part of any womens clothing line and no womens apparel line is complete without it.  Our China clothing factory produces a wide range of womens sleepwear and our in house design team can assist you in developing your own custom line of womens pajamas, womens sleepwear, and lingerie.

Comfort and style is important in womens sleepwear and your womens apparel line should have an assortment of pajamas and lingerie to choose from. The material is the first thing that any woman will take into consideration, obviously starting with cotton, and with the potential move on to silk. In addition to that there are many different style of womens sleepwear ranging from comfortable pajamas and camisoles to lingerie.

Nightgowns and nighties are still quite popular among women’s sleepwear, mainly because the nightgown provides comfort, but can also be worn around the house. While nightgowns were initially sleeved clothing items they can now come in a number of different varieties including sleeved, sleeveless, and spaghetti strapped. Along with fleece sleepwear, these are some of the best items in the women’s clothing lineup. Womens pajamas are always a best seller in womens sleepwear along with a companion camisole pajama pants make a combination. Lingerie cannot be overlooked in womens sleepwear and womens apparel line. While regular womens sleepwear is great for everyday use, every woman loves lingerie.

Having the right womens sleepwear on your shelves is important to your womens apparel line and an inventory with lots of choices from womens pajamas to lingerie will complete your womens apparel line.

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