Childrens Underwear

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We have a complete line of childrens underwear for both boys and girls ranging from babies and todlers to children and teens. Our China clothing factory produces a wide range of childrens underwear and has years of experience manufacturing childrens clothing.

Boy’s briefs can be made in many different colors, though white variant tends to be the most popular for young boys. Girl’s panties can be virtually any color and tend to sell in a wide variety of colors. You would think that the color and style of the underwear wouldn’t truly matter, but something to remember is that customers are looking for variety.

At this age, boys and girls underwear do not change much between the genders, though girl’s panties are significantly different from boy’s briefs. The biggest difference between boys and girl’s underwear is the freedom of design, but it should be noted that both types of underwear should be designed for comfort and extended wear overall.

You want to make sure you have that variety of childrens underwear to complete your childrens apparel line. You will want to make sure that the variety you are providing to your customers is of the highest quality. Look through the our childrens underwear line at China Sourcing International to see our low priced stock and wide range of choices.

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