Childrens Sleepwear


For quality children’s sleepwear, China Sourcing International is absolutely the best clothing manufacturer. Choose or help design quality sleepwear sets that are cost-effective, safe and durable. Your business will surely benefit from clothes manufacturers which allow you to portray your unique brand in childrens clothing. Since parents are always shopping for a great selection and comparing notes with each other, it’s important to provide a variety of children’s sleepwear: nightgowns, 2-piece or 3-piece pajama sets, and 1-piece footed sleeper pajamas.

China Sourcing International is an apparel manufacturer with conscientious clothing designers who are on top of the latest character-themed children’s sleepwear, as well as popular styles and colors. As a clothing manufacturer, we are continuously apprised of all safety requirements, such as flammability standards for children’s sleepwear in sizes 0 through 6X and sizes 7 through 14.

For all childrens clothing, comfort and durability are the key factors considered by our in-house design team. Consumers value soft, plush sleepwear material, such as cotton, micro-fleece and jersey knits. These fabrics hold up well to several wash cycles. Sleepwear offers a great cost-per-wear ratio, as it is worn on an everyday basis. So, it’s important for your retail outlet to select the right clothes manufacturers to design an inventory of childrens sleepwear. Choose from a large color palette in styles with or without front pockets, embroidery, elastic or drawstring pants and in a variety of necklines.

Our childrens apparel factory offers a wide variety of options, so your selection can run as deep as necessary to accommodate your inventory. If you retail children’s sleepwear, it should always deliver necessary amenities– durability, comfort, style and ease of wear. Count on only a top-notch apparel manufacturer like China Sourcing International.

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