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Mens Clothing
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China Sourcing International (CSI)

China Sourcing International is a Garment, Textile, and Clothing Sourcing Agent and China OEM Manufacturing company – based in Hong Kong and established in 2005 to be a leading-edge foreign trade enterprise to help overseas buyers source products from China manufacturers and Asia factories. We specialize in manufacturing garments and lingerie including womens apparel, mens clothing, baby apparel, and childrens clothing.

We offer a wide range of services and manufacturing capabilities including:

  • Apparel Manufacturing of Mens Clothing, Womens Apparel, Childrens Clothes, and Infant – Baby apparel
  • Custom Apparel and Garment Manufacturing
  • Custom Apparel Design Support Services
  • China OEM Manufacturing and China¬†Contract Manufacturing Services
  • China Export Manufacturing
  • Customer Support Staff fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese

We also source and manufacture a wide variety of of woven and knitted garments for Men, Ladies, Children including sweaters, jackets, and other woven and knitted clothing.

CSI’s head office is located in Hong Kong with a Branch office and Showroom in Dong Guan, China. We have in-house designers to assist you in developing your own clothing line and private labeled apparel lines.